Bhagwanpur (U.K.) INDIA, CBSE Affiliation No.:- 3530377


SGPS is an English medium, co-educational school. The curriculum of the school is based on syllabi laid down by the reputed & universally accepted CBSE, New Delhi. The school is from Nursery to Class 12th. The course of the studies is international in its scope and ambit. It includes subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, History, Moral & Physical education. Special attention is also given for Drawing, Art & Craft. Students are prepared for self-study. Communicating in English is essential in the school premise. Teachers have ability and enthusiasm in communicating them to boys and girls of all ages. Teachers are encouraged to be flexible and individual in their approach. The commitment of the school to excellence in academics will be reflected in the consistently outstanding performance. Examinations may not be the true test of a child's ability, but regular classroom tests & periodic assessment at the school level are indicative of scholastic achievement. The results enable the teachers as well as students to reassess their orientation and take corrective measures & accord due attention to subjects and topics in which the child may need additional assistance. We try to make the thinking of the child, logical and based on reasoning.

   Experiential Learning

At the conceptual level, the school is committed to Experiential Learning. Instead of learning being teacher led delivery of knowledge, the teachers & students together construct knowledge, so as none is left out of this creative & exciting experience. We strive to foster an appreciation of human creative skills; to stimulate intellectual curiosity; to develop an interest in the process of learning how to learn; to encourage clear thinking and develop the capacity to face problems. Activity based method of teaching is followed.

   Continuous Comprehensive Cumulative Evaluation

Progress of each child is monitored and pupil's performance is communicated to parents, periodically. Parents? teacher meeting is one of the regular feature of our system. The performance of the student is assessed continuously throughout the academic session. A series of tests, assignments and project work is given and evaluated in all classes. Their progress is also monitored and recorded at the end of each term by the means of Unit tests, half-yearly and final examinations.


No child is same in any form whether academics, non-academics and other activities. To take care of each child and specially the weaker one's all teachers are allotted group of such students, so that all additional help required is given in time and the weaker lot is able to compete with the rest from each class weaker students are under the direct mentorship of teachers.

   Learning LEARNING Strategies

Throughout the year, the dedicated teaching faculty follows the continuous evaluation scheme to assess the scholastic as well as non-scholastic attributes of every child. The teachers are supported by the Academic Coordinators who cross check the smooth functioning of the classroom. An activity based method of teaching is followed. Knowledge is not just passively absorbed. The holistic approach to learning involves learning through the whole body and mind.

   Value Based Learning

The school begins the day with Morning Prayer in the school assembly. Acknowledging achievers and appreciating the turning point in the lives of national and global leaders for their initiative, individual sacrifice for a cause these are recurrent feature in the schools day to day morning programme. All the presentations are done in English, emphasizing on correct diction & pronunciation. Students are motivated & trained to come on the stage & present their piece of work in the morning prayers.